Suob Hot Steam Inhalation Therapy

Suob Steam Inhalation Covid Cure

Looking for a natural way to ease congestion and respiratory problems? Suob hot steam inhalation therapy is a great choice!

This ancient Chinese remedy uses heat and moisture to help clear the lungs and sinuses, and it's been used for centuries to treat everything from the common cold to asthma. Watch this video to learn more about suob hot steam inhalation therapy, and see how easy it is to do at home!

Suob (hot steam inhalation) is a traditional steam bath that enhances the cure of many diseases with excellent healing attributes of respiratory troubles like bronchitis, asthma, and allergies.

The process is easy-to do at home with just a few supplies - you'll see how quickly your breathing improves when using these treatments on an ongoing basis as well.

Suob or hot steam therapy is done by inhaling the steam coming from a heated salt water on a basin while using a piece of cloth, such as a towel, to cover one’s head and shoulders and enclose the steam.


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